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Our Family is Committed to Yours

Providence Place Retirement Community gives seniors the kind of caring service and affordable living choices they need to live happy and well. Our community, is a family atmosphere, where residents and staff come together to create an environment that enriches everyone’s experience.



We know that everyone ages differently. Providence Place is devoted to individuals. We offer seniors a wealth of choices to suit their need to stay independent and self-reliant; as well as their desire to be part of a caring and active community.


Providence Place is now licensed as a Personal Care community; and our participating in the assisted living category is voluntary. Because this new categorization represents a significant change in the way that Pennsylvania regards the continuum of care for seniors, Providence Place leadership is committed to understanding its full implications on our residents and their quality of life.



Former Governor George Leader shares the inspiring story of how hard work, education and the impact of being a chicken farmer sets the foundation on which Providence Place is built.


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