Providence Place Senior Living

Senior Living Can Be Affordable!

Living at Providence Place is surprisingly affordable. At Providence Place Senior Living, we ask you to make a positive LIFESTYLE decision, not an INVESTMENT decision. There are no buy-in or investment requirements.

We have service agreements with our residents that are basically RENTAL agreements. Full-time residents pay a modest, one-time processing and community fee when they move in and a daily rental rate afterwards.

The specific daily rate you pay* is determined by the choices you make.

  • Style of apartment (size and layout vary)
  • Level of service you require
  • Private or semi-private occupancy

Contact us to learn more about the cost of our services.

 Our service agreements provide for a mutual 30-day "out" clause, so if you are dissatisfied for any reason, you carry no long-term obligation to Providence Place. The onus is on us to provide service that satisfies.

To help prepare you for life at Providence Place, we offer temporary stay options that allow you to "try us on for size." The good news is – these stay options do not require the normal community fees. Learn more about the Short Term Stay options.

Choice & Flexibility

 At Providence Place Senior Living, there's no "one size fits all" thinking. We recognize that seniors may have differing levels of need throughout their time with us. To help meet those levels of need, we have created a "layering of services" approach. This approach enables us to provide the best value for all of our residents and allows us to add services (and associated costs) only when you need them.

Providence Place Senior Living offers five convenient locations throughout Pennsylvania. Come visit the retirement community closest to you. We'd be glad to have you.



I have lived here for 14 months and I have nothing but praise for each and every one here. All my blessings.
A. Hinkle
I moved here last July, and it is a wonderful place for seniors to come and live. Staff, nursing, and the overall environment are very nice.
D. Wetzel
Great place to live.
M. Mansberger
I love the new renovations done here at Providence Place. It makes living here even more pleasant than before.
F. Schmuck