Our Philosophy for Memory Support

We recognize that each resident is unique. That’s why we make the extra effort to get to know them before they move to a Providence Place community. We know that every resident with dementia has a story to tell. In an effort to make each Connections resident feel welcome, we have developed the “Resident Life Story”. This document provides valuable biographical information that helps our team provide customized care for each person living within the Connections Neighborhood.

Families and friends of prospective residents are encouraged to meet with our Connections Program Director prior to move-in day. During this meeting, families receive a copy of the Life Story to complete the specific details that will make the move go smoothly for the entire family. We know the importance of communication. You can rest assured knowing that a knowledgeable professional is available to answer your questions leading up to and following your loved one’s move.

We strive to make our memory support neighborhood look and feel as close to home as possible. One way that we create this welcoming environment is through our activities offerings. We want residents to feel as comfortable and relaxed as they did in their own homes, with the added benefit of having opportunities to socialize and participate in small group activities. Just because a person has memory loss doesn’t mean they have to give up lifelong interests.

Through our experience, we know the difficult journey you and your family have ahead of you. We also know that despite these challenges, residents with dementia can live enjoyable, fulfilling lives. At Providence Place, residents build upon their life stories every day. Let us support you and your family through the journey of caregiving.


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