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We recognize how important mealtime is to our customers’ overall satisfaction with Providence Place. Our approach is to use familiar recipes and prepare them well. In fact, our Dining Director seeks input from the resident dining committee when planning the menu.

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Great food is only part of the Providence Place dining experience. It’s equally important to us that meals are served promptly and with a smile. That’s why we train all of our team members on dining room etiquette, proper food handling techniques, and of course, customer service.


In order to satisfy a wide array of tastes and preferences, we customize each resident’s order through the use of selector sheets. This allows residents to make alternate menu selections, customize portion sizes, and make other special requests.

Trained Chefs

The majority of our menu items are prepared from scratch in our kitchens by trained chefs. Some of Providence Place’s signature items include the homemade soup du jour and dessert cart with assorted cakes, pies, and ice cream.